Adventure movie

Director Halina Dyrschka
Script Sebastian Weyland
DoP Alicja Pahl
Editor AngelCano



The treasure of Waldenstein (WT)

Adventure film for children, 90 min.

The unique boarding school "Waldenstein" is near to be closed due to corrupt speculators. But four children are not willing to accept this: the chaotic adventurer Amalia, the brave Buddhist Jonas, the shy bookworm Tom and the optimistic sausage-lover Maik want to save their beloved school. Thinking what to do, they discover an old legend of a hidden treasure, following the trace of famous archeologist Heinrich Schliemann. An adventurous journey begins and brings them along the River Oder to Poland.


Kulturelle Filmförderung des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
"First Movie Program" Bavarian Film Institute, Munich


2D Animation

Script / Director    Monika Dovnar




Breaking the ice (WT)

D, 10 min.

A retired sumo wrestler meets a penguin who wants to be adopted. But the Wrestler does not want to adopt a penguin. This is going to be a life changing experience for both of them.